Muse – Simulation Theory Album

Muse Simulation Theory Album

Muse Simulation Theory Album.

According to the announcement, the soundtrack “follows the musical arc and romantic journey of the movie’s two lead characters: Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine, and Lady Gaga’s Ally. The soundtrack includes two songs featured in the trailer, “Shallow” and a characteristic big-belter from Gaga

Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland. Yes, Timbaland. Rich Costey previously worked with the band on their third album ‘Absolution’ and huge follow-up ‘Black Holes And Revelations’ Muse Simulation Theory download

Russ – Serious
Drake – NonStop
Chris Brown – Yoppa Ft. Trippie Redd
Drake – Survival

Following on from recent singles ‘Dig Down‘, ‘Thought Contagion‘, and ‘Something Human‘, the new track follows an operatic rock route more traditional of the band – albeit with an electro-pop edge.

Simulation Theory Tracklist:

1. Algorithm
2. The Dark Side
3. Pressure
4. Propaganda
5. Break It to Me
6. Something Human
7. Thought Contagion
8. Get Up and Fight
9. Blockades
10. Dig Down
11. The Void
12. Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
13. Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version)
14. Propaganda (Acoustic Version)
15. Something Human (Acoustic Version)
16. Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)

Download Muse Simulation Theory album mp3 zip Below.

DOWNLOAD Muse – Simulation Theory Album

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