21 Savage Pulls A Gun Out During Pool Party Brawl

21 Savage Pulls A Gun Out During Pool Party Brawl

21 Savage Pulls A Gun Out During Pool Party Brawl. 21 Savage keeps the heater tucked in his swim trunks.

21 Savage has appeared to be changing his ways recently. He’s started to be an advocate for the non-violent squashing of beef, and is even delivering helpful financial advice to his fellow rap artists. However, the life of a famous rap star can still be filled with peril, and people plotting on your riches, or even your life. 21 clearly though he was in need of some protection in the form of a hand gun, and he decided to pull it out at a recent pool party.

According to TMZ, 21 and his posse were attending an annual massive pool party officially referred to as the “Big Ass Pool Party.” Suddenly a large group of people crash the event, upsetting the positive vibe that was prevalent beforehand. After one of the party crashers tries to make a pass at a girl in 21’s group, tensions started to rise.

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After chasing after and knocking out one of the invading men, one of the party crashers reportedly pulled a weapon out, prompting 21 to get his as well. In the video below, you can actually see 21 go over to his friend who’s wearing a satchel and take the revolver from him.

Thankfully, there were no reported shots fired at the event, and the cops ended up shutting the whole thing down. Besides the guy who got slumped on the ground, there didn’t seem to be any other injuries either.

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Pool parties should be fun, don’t try to ruin them with guns. Check the video of 21 Savage below.

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